About Our Company

Expensive appliances and software alone cannot provide adequate levels of protection. Odile™, a patent-pending mechanism that hunts for and detects advanced threats by examining the unavoidable side effects of bad behavior, is our solution to this problem. We offer a human-driven service, staffed by professional malware analysts to increase your response posture while reducing costs associated with inevitable breaches.

Point3 monitors your workstations, servers, and laptops. We do not bother you with false alarms. If we confirm a breach, we provide you detailed instructions on what an entry level technician can do to remove the threat.

Why You Need Odile

We Minimize Your Risk

Our service minimizes the risks and costs associated with the loss of sensitive information, the compromise of critical infrastructure, and reduces the operational impact of downtime.

We Limit Your Exposure

Odile reduces the time an attacker persists on your network, restricting his or her ability to find a path to your critical information and assets.

We Save Your Time

How much time does your team waste chasing down false positives or reviewing mountains of alerts? We ONLY contact you once an intrusion is confirmed.

We Commoditize Cyber Security

Leverage your existing helpdesk staff vice paying for high priced consultants. Our Remediation Reports provide scripts a junior helpdesk staffer can take to act on your behalf.

We Reduce Your Cost of Cleanup

Who on your team is responsible for incident response? Our Remediation Reports provide a complete script eliminating the guesswork and investigatory processes.

No Cost Overruns

Odile is firm-fixed price Software as a Service. There are no gimmicks with nearly-free client software that requires support contracts. There are no appliances that require you to configure, manage, and maintain.

Core Competencies

Malware Analysis

Reverse Engineering

Incident Response and Remediation

Cyber Training and Workforce Development


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101 North Haven Street, Suite 301 Baltimore, MD 21224